Waved Git-Gel Marble Pattern

Making the Waved Git-Gel Marble Pattern - step by step
Also documented as Gel Git or Gel-Git, a turkish phase that means "back and forth"

Artist: Renato Crepaldi

Paint is applied to the surface using a small wisk. This step is the same for all patterns.

Initial combing for the Waved Git-Gel pattern.

Combing for a Waved Git Gel pattern, 1st pass waving.

Combing for a Waved Git Gel pattern, 2nd pass waving.

Laying the paper sheet over the floating pattern. Great care must be taken to avoid hesitaion or shift marks.

Pattern is transferred to the sheet. Once the paper is lifted from the floating colors, the sheet is ready for drying.

The color application and combing process is repeated for each sheet.

Marbling demonstation by Renato Crepaldi.

All images © copyright 2009, Renato Crepaldi