Printed Paper

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  • Classic Prints Classic Prints
    Paper patterned with classically inspired prints. Traditional florentines, rich ethnic designs and timeless flourishes. All with elegance and refinement.
  • Casual Prints Casual Prints
    An eclectic array of playful prints. Formality goes out the door with these fun and flirty papers that are sure to never take themselves to seriously.
  • Abstract Prints Abstract Prints
    Decidedly not floral, this collection of abstract prints includes bold geometrics and abstract patterns that swirl and twist
  • Chiyogami & Katazome Chiyogami & Katazome
    Generations of Japanese tradition create paper you're sure to treasure. Patterns range from classic designs to reinvented icons.
  • Batik & Hand Decorated Batik & Hand Decorated
    Color takes center stage in these papers. Traditional techniques of folding, dyeing and wax are used to create earthy yet modern designs and patterns.