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Gallery: Classy Coasters & Nice Notebooks!

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Journals Fro. scratch
I am a bookmaker and love your journal covers. Yes, it is possible to make books from scratch. There is a wealth of information on the web that can show you how. There are simple pamphlets you can make as a start. Let me know if I can be of further help. Enjoy your new baby!
By:  Lena from Cornelius, NC. on 10/30/2013
Gallery: Classy Coasters & Nice Notebooks!
Artist:  Delicious Finds and Creations
  Vancouver, British Columbia

I have been making coasters for almost a year now and I love it. The coasters are tile based and the patterns I use are paper -- I am so glad I found Paper Mojo! -- which I seal with resin. I've also started covering notebooks and am hoping to expand into actually making the notebook from scratch -- any ideas anyone?
Special glues or finishes
Mod Podge as a glue and sealant. Resin as the final sealant (waterproofing).
Additional tips
I use a paper cutter to make sure the edges of the paper I use are clean and straight. When I Mod Podge the paper to the tile I always put some on the tile and paper to get a better hold. And last but not least, to get the small bubbles out of the resin, I blow air onto them and this pops most of the bubbles!
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