Custom Cutting Service

We can cut your Paper Mojo order into just the right size for your project. Our in-house cutting service offers square and rectangular cutting for sizes as small as 3 inches and as large as 25 inches. We do not currently offer folding, scoring or die cutting options.
Try our new Cut Sheet Calculator for an easy, interactive way to estimate the sheets you need. The calculator will open in a pop-up window.
Tips for getting the most out of our cutting service
  1. When calculating your per sheet yield you should plan on all sides of the paper being trimmed. Many of out decorative papers have deckled edges or other variations which need to be trimmed off to produce clean, uniform edges. Additionally due to the natural characteristics of handmade paper, the actual sheet size may vary from the exact sizes listed.
  2. If accuracy tolerances for your project require less than a 1/16th variation, your project may be better served by requesting an oversized cut and trimming in-house.

By placing your order you agree to accept the following terms:

  1. Cutting layout is up to the discretion of our cutting technician and the cutting capabilities of our machinery. Complicated layouts and guaranteed scrap size may not be possible.
  2. Different papers (up to 30 sheets) can be cut together as long as the original paper size, cutting layout, final cut size and yield per sheet are identical. If multiple cutting dimensions are requested a separate cutting charge will be added to your order for each additional size.
  3. Quantities over 30 full sheets will be subject to additional cutting charges.
  4. Many papers, especially the more fabric-like papers and the embossed papers, will have a slight size variation from the top to the bottom of the stack. We will always cut these in smaller stacks to minimize the difference. If your chosen paper must be cut in small batches or requires other special handling, we will notify you of any additional charges before cutting.
  5. If sizes smaller that 3 inches are required, our cutting accuracy will be somewhat compromised due to shimming the cutter. Any requested measurement under 3 inches will incur an additional $5 surcharge. We cannot cut sizes smaller than 1.5 inches by 5 inches.
  6. All sides of the paper must be trimmed to produce clean, uniform edges. Planned yields to use paper from edge to edge CANNOT be cut.
  7. If no pattern direction preference is provided, cutting layout will be based upon maximum yield
  8. Once cut, the paper is not returnable or refundable. Please order paper samples beforehand to insure the paper is what you envision.
  9. Custom cutting will add 1-3 days to the delivery time of your paper. Any express order requesting Custom Cutting Service will be shipped the following business day

PLEASE NOTE: Desired paper must be purchased in conjunction with our Custom Cutting Service, $20 fee is for cutting service only and does not include any paper. Additionally the size per sheet given is the maximum size in which the paper is available unless the paper is listed as having a 1/2 sheet option. The paper cannot be cut to a size larger than the given size, which is the parent sheet size.

Choose Options

Which paper are you having cut?
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Is either the width or height of your final cutting size under 3 inches?
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