About Us

Although it may be perfectly obvious, Paper Mojo is owned and staffed by women who love paper ... addicted really. The opening of any shipment containing new styles is guaranteed to have all our full attention and the sound of oohs and aahs. Our goal is to pass this experience on to our customers so that the arrival of each Paper Mojo order creates the same sense of satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide the largest and finest decorative paper to designers, artists and paper enthusiasts, while supporting the creative processes of the paper makers. We tend to work with and sell to small businesses and individuals. In our paper line, we like to favor those suppliers who have a commitment to supporting fair trade and environmental responsibility.

Paper Mojo was founded in 2003 by the mother and daughter team of Shelly Gardner-Alley and Megan Alley. Shellys Internet design and development experience laid the groundwork for the online presence. Over our 11 years of business, we have developed strong relationships with many of the major paper importers and stationary designers, both in the US and overseas, and we are in the unique position to have access to a vast selection of paper. Although it can be difficult deciding which papers we will stock (as true addicts, we would like to have some of everything) a significant part of our business day is often dedicated to assisting designers and business owners to obtain unusual papers beyond our immediate catalog.

Presently, Paper Mojo is staffed by Shelly, Megan and Sara Joyce. Sara joined our team shortly after our move from Bucks County, Pa to Raleigh NC. She was a customer for several years when she discovered we had moved to her neck of the woods. She started stopping in to pick up her orders... and the rest is history.

A little more about the three of us

Shelly Gardner-Alley
After assisting the startup of several other web development companies, Shelly founded Chimera Studio in 1996 and co-founded Paper Mojo in 2003. Her mix of web programming skills and fashion/textile design training keep the website lively and the paper collections fun to shop. Shelly usually takes on the task of finding yet another word for flower when naming all our papers. (suggestions are welcome)

Megan Alley
As co-founder of Paper Mojo, Megan has grown up in the business and has been a driving force in it's growth. Her eye for emerging design trends and passion for quality and unique product offerings keeps our product line fresh and our customer experience positive. Those of you who have been pleased with the careful packing of your order have experienced her talents.

Sara Joyce
Sara brings to the trio a solid background in marketing, an unbridled passion for paper and a fierce dedication to customer service. She has made it a personal challenge that each customer she assists during the day receive her very best and those of you who have spoken to Sara know that to be very true.